Lord Shiva’s Contribution to Human Society

The primitive people had started worshiping external forces since the earliest time.  Subsequently, they developed the concept of ghosts and spirits that resulted in faith and religion. The worshiper of external forces, Aryans took over many parts of India into their control as outsiders. During this phase of the conflict, Lord Shiva was born to a non-Aryan family in the Himalayan region. At that time, the human race was broken up into clans and castes and involved in clannish clashes and massacres.

Before understanding Lord Shiva’s contribution to human society, you must know the meaning of Aryan and non- Aryan.

Who were Aryans?

“Bahiragat sah Aryan” those who migrated from outside India were Aryan. Bharat Barsh( India)  was rich in its forest food-products. Then the varieties of fruits were abundant in the forests.  Having been fascinated with India’s prosperity, Aryans who were experts in warfare attacked India, and after defeating Anarya (non- Aryans) settled in many parts of India.

Who were non-Aryans?

The Indian origins were Non- Aryans that comprised Austric and Dravidians.

They were peace-loving people. They had no food crisis.  So, they lived together happily. Except few, they were to look at red- black complexion. 

Who is Shiva in Philosophical term?

Sh +ee+va = Shiva,   Shiva represents life and motion.

Sh+va= Shava, here Shav means dead body. So Lord Shiva remains present in your life even after your death.  

As a Historical Figure Lord Shiva’s Contribution to Human Society:

Without digressing much about the other aspects of ancient chronology, I would like you to head straight over to Lord Shiva’s contribution to human society.

Of course, It is a vast subject, yet I would like to highlight Lord Shiva’s contribution in brief:

Introduction of Marriage in human society

  1. Introduction of Marriage in human society: Indiscriminate clannish feuds and bloodshed were rampant in the world. The dominant Aryans, non-Aryans, Mongolian clans were usually engaged in a bloody fight.

In this circumstance, it was impossible to conceive and enhance human progress and build a human society.  Observing the situation, Lord Shiva thought to activate the social dynamism, introduced the first time the social system of marriage by wedding an Aryan girl Parvati, non- Aryan girl Kali, and Mongolian girl Ganga.

In this manner, Lord Shiva established the system of marriage in human society. Consequently, the clannish dispute came to an end, and human society entered into a new phase of progress.

The invention of Music and Dance

  1. The invention of Music and Dance: Lord Shiva observed in primitive people that they wanted to express their feelings, but they enjoyed it in an unsystematic manner. They sang without proper lyrical form, dancing while throwing their limbs in a different direction, without proper posture, and playing Tal without rhythm. Lord Shiva gave it a refine form and invented the science of music:

Music of Octave (Sargam):

Lord Shiva combined the sounds of 7 animals Sadaj(peacock), Rishabh(Bull), Gandhar(goat), Madhyam(Heron), Pancham(Cuckoo), Dhaivat(Horse),  and Nishad(elephant). These are the names of seven animals and sounds. Taking the first letter of each animal’s name, Lord Shiva invented the science of Sargam (octave), a musical note.     Western nations also follow the musical frame of Octave.

Ragas,  Raginiis, Tal, and Posture

He created melody modes:  Ragas, Ragiinis, and dance postures for the wellbeing of a human being. He invented 1000 dance postures. But, Now, there exist only around 400 dance postures in the dancing field.  For various reasons,  we also lost many Ragas and Ragini’s.

For the propagation of all the musical subjects, Lord Shiva trained His sister’s son Maharishi Bharat. Bharat became the trainer and imparted Shiva’s science of music across the existing population the world over.

The Discovery of Medical Science:


Lord Shiva discovered the most important aspects of Medical science are Ayurveda and Vaidak Shastra.

Lord Shiva taught Ayurveda to His sister’s son Dhanvantri while traveling from one place to another place. Lord Shiva explained every detail of the natural medical treatment approach to Dhanvantri.

Vaidak Shastra

Vaidak Shastra:  Vaidak Shastra deals with the surgical science invented by Lord Shiva. He taught surgical science to Karkati, a girl who belonged to a Rakhshi community.  She made practices of surgery in dead bodies and lived in the burial ground. She developed surgical science to the highest level.  Vaidak Shatra was a full-fledged faculty of surgical science.

Science existed till the period of Mahabharat.  It was evident how Jara, a girl ( medical health practitioner), gave life to Jarasindh (king of Magadh). However, due to the dominant Vedic religion (Aryan Dharma ), castism spread across India.

   The practice of surgical science needed dead bodies, and the practitioner could not identify the dead belong to the lower cast or higher cast. The higher cast people treated such doctors as untouchable, and doctors faced a social boycott. As a result, India lost the great surgical science ( Vaidak Shastra) forever.

The invention of spiritual cult by Lord Shiva:

Cult ( Yoga and Tantra )

 Lord Shiva invented an introversive intuitional science that is a ‘cult’ called Yoga and Tantra.

 The blending of Yoga and Tantra teaches us that God exists and He is lying within us.  But extroverted worship  (religion) would never allow you to realize God within you. For example, if you stand in front of rippling water, you can not visualize your reflection because of waves. 

Similarly, with the worshipping of external forces, you can never realize God within you.  If, You follow the spiritual cult of Yoga and Tantra with disciplined conduct (Yam and Niyam). You can see Him. He is within you.


 I need not explain it much as it is popular in recent times, yet I should say it is an eight-fold path that leads to the unification of unit self with Cosmic self. The state is Yoga.


Tantra means Tam + Tra = Tantra . Tam refers to darkness, and Tra means liberator or dispeller.  The process that dispels the darkness of your mind and illumines it with divine effulgence is Tantra.

  Some opportunists spread negative propaganda against the highest spiritual science Tantra in society. Tantra is only the spiritual science that has the power to dispose of the bondage of Vidya(positive- forces ) and Avidya Maya ( negative-forces) and establishes you in spirituality in one birth. It is the highest order of meditation.

Moreover, Tantra has the strength to transform the whole world into heaven.  The practice of Tantra will enable the scientist to discover newer and newer scientific inventions with less effort and time.

Indeed, Tantra is 99 percent a practical process.   Tantra – Yoga is part and parcel. These two sciences are the most beautiful contribution of Lord Shiva in the creation. 

Vedic sages developed Avidya Tantra (negative Tantra)

Negative Tantra: Vedic Aryans developed negative Tantra that believes in ghosts, spirits, and sacrifices of a living being. This negative Tantra does not fetch any benefits to human society. Lord Shiva was always against it.

 The King of Aryan Daksha used these brute forces against Lord Shiva during the battle between Aryan and non-Aryan. Lord Shiva defeated and destroyed Aryan Avidya Tantrics and king Daksha.  As a result, Aryan accepted Lord Shiva as their God in Veda.

 In Summary:

Besides his contribution, Lord Shiva made many social reforms such as the equal right to women,   the seminar, Scripture of Agam and Nigam, Shringar( the steps of women beautification,  and social ethics. The women even today worship Lord Shiva as Ardhnarishvar.   Women fast during the day of Shiva Chaturdasi as a mark of their allegiance to Lord Shiva. The renowned female devotees of Lord Shiva Madalasa, Mandavi, Gandhari, Kunti set great examples in human history. Hence Lord Shiva’s contributions are pillars of human society.  If we ignore His Contribution, human society will move towards animalistic order.

Frequent Ask Question:

Did Lord Shiva introduce castism in society?

Ans: No, Lord Shiva never supported castism. He opposed it and married three women Parvati, Kali, Ganga, who belonged to three different clans. He believed in one human society and loved them equally.

Why did Lord Shiva use to garland a snake around His neck and waist?

Ans: Lord Shiva was very busy teaching social code and conduct and spirituality. The people were very primitive. To attract the people for organizing small group meetings, Lord Shiva wears snakes around His Neck.

          To see the snake, the villagers used to gather at villages. In this way, Shiva delivered knowledge to them with His sweet language. In those days, there were no loudspeakers and devices to organize people.

Did Lord Shiva found any religion?

Ans: Shiva never preached any religion. He invented introversive intuitional science to attain God and strongly warned people against extroversion worship. Lord Shiva always encouraged people to follow the path of spirituality.

 He said to the people that extroverted tendencies (religion)  are  Lokovyamoh Karak.  Religion divides human society into different groups.. Religions are just like epidemic diseases. Such concepts are against spirituality.





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