Yoga and Natural Remedies for Post -COVID- 19 Patients

       Yoga and Natural remedies are at an all-time high in demand to boost your immune power during COVID -19 pandemic and in terms of the post-Covid recovery phase. The people, who suffered from COVID -19, and after recovery, experience post-Covid complications such as Joint and muscle pain, feeling of fatigue, trouble in respiration, chest discomfort, eating, sweating, diarrhea, and cough.                

Post-Covid patients also develop psychological problems like lack of focusing, depression, anxiety, sleeping trouble, headache, loss of memory, and thinking. Medical science calls it post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In this regard, doctors have not yet been able to predict that how long these symptoms will persist in a patient. It depends upon overall health, age, and how severe COVID -19 infected you. Here are some Yoga Asanas and Natural remedies for post-Covid patients to regain health and energy.

      Ministry of Ayush Includes Yoga for Recovery from Post- Covid Complications.

       Government of India Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Directorate General of Health Services has also included daily practices of Yogasana, Pranayam, and Meditation in its post- Covid follow up- protocol.

                 I should mention right here that these Yoga and Natural remedies are not particular schools of medical sciences.  But these are the compiled list of Yoga and Natural remedies to render the services to the affected person.

Yoga for Post-Covid Patients:

Yoga in the morning session:

       You ought to practice Yoga asanas and Pranayama on an empty stomach after finishing morning cleanliness.

1. Utkshep Mudra

  • Lie on your back
  • Bend your arm and legs, bringing them upon your chest.
  • Exhale your breath.
  • Hold your elbows for five seconds crossing your hand over your knees.
  • Take them to the extended position.
  • Repeat it five times.

Benefits: After post-Covid, the patients often develop liver complications. As a result,  the stomach forms the wind within. Utkshep Mudra helps the patient reduce gas formation. The practice forces out gas from the stomach. When the accumulation of gas passes, you get much relief.  Your laziness, stomach pain, stomach swelling, headache, joint pain, irritability go away.

2.Yoga Mudra :

Yoga Mudra
  • Sit in Lotus posture or Sukhasana.
  • Take both arms behind your back and hold your left wrist with your right hand.
  • Exhale your breath slowly and bend forward until your forehead touches the ground.
  • Remain for 30 seconds.
  • Inhale and gradually come up to your original position
  • Repeat it three times.

         Benefits: it stimulates all your chakras(Plexus). Due to the Covid effect, you might have a loss of memory. The practice of Yoga Mudra increases your memory power and relieves stress.

  3. Bhujnga Asana

Post- Covid Recovery.
Bhujnga Asana

   Bhujnga Asana:  Usually, in the post-Covid recovery phase, you’ve fatigue, stiffness, and respiratory disorders. Bhujnga Asana helps you enhance your health from these conditions. 

  • Lie down in a prone position with toes flat on the floor, soles upwards, and rest your forehead on the ground.
  • Keep both legs close together.
  • Place your palms touching the ground under your shoulder.
  • Rest your elbow near your torso.
  • Inhale a deep breath, lift your upper body and slowly with the support of your hands and touch your navel on the ground.
  • Arch your spine as much as possible, bend your head back, and lookup.
  • Stay in this position for 30 seconds.
  • Breathe out and bring down your upper body to the floor and be at ease.
  • Repeat it five times.


  •    Makes your entire back and shoulder strength.
  • Strengthen your chest.
  • It boosts your immune power.
  • Enhances flexibility of the spine and improves blood circulation.
  • Relieves you from fatigue and stress.
  • Reduces respiratory disorder.

4.Vayavii  Pranayam :

   Vayayi Pranayam helps you regain lungs strength, and  It expands and invigorates your chest to recuperate from the post-Covid syndrome.

How to do it:

  • Stand straight.
  • Take both hands’ middle fingers on the top of your nipples.
  • Breathe in and amplify your chest while pressing the nipples of your chest with your middle fingers.
  • Remain for 30 seconds.
  • Come back to normal position.
  • Repeat it three times.

   5.Shvasana :

It is compulsory after every session of Yoga to have a balance between physical and psychic parallelism.

Lie down on the floor in the supine position.

Remain in a relaxed position for 5 minutes.

6.Pranayama :

  • Sit in Sidha Asana
  • Close your right nostril with your right-hand thumb.
  • Inhale through left and count up to eight numbers
  • Exhale through the right nostril and block the left nostril with your ring finger.
  • Keep blocking your left nostril with your ring finger and inhale through the right nostril.
  • Block your right nostril with your right-hand thumb.
  • Exhale through the left nostril.

It is one spherical. Repeat it for seven rounds.

Benefits: The doctor says Covid patients find a supply of less amount of oxygen to the brain. Pranayam helps your oxygen supply in large amounts to the brain. The Pranayam benefits you as:

  • It relaxes your mind.
  • It improves your focusing power. It supplies oxygen to the brain. As a result, you improve your memory power and thinking capacity.
  • It increases your immunity.
  • It strengthens the chest and lungs.
  • It increases your longevity.

The human life span is too short.

Post-Covid patients need to have peace of mind, and it only happens when they have mental purity.



The regular practice of meditation purifies your mind. Eventually, mental purity helps you maintain your health and mind strong. Impure thought causes acidity, and in turn,  it increases in the blood. As a result, you suffer from disorders of the heart, brain, and stomach. So, Yoga meditation is a need for the post-Covid patient. It’s the best way to meet mental purity.

How to do Meditation:

  • Sit in lotus posture.
  • Fold your hands on your lap.
  • Make your body straight.
  • Feel that positive waves are all around you.
  • Close your eyes and concentrate your mind in between your eyebrows internally.
  • Inhale and exhale a deep breath slowly.
  • Practice it for 15 minutes.
  • Break your meditation after 15 minutes.

You ought to perform meditation morning and evening (twice a day) with an empty stomach.

After Yoga, You should not come in direct contact with water. You need to wait for 10 minutes.

       Natural remedies:

You should be careful during  Post covid recovery phase. After getting negative from COVID  19, You face so many post-Covid complications. So you should take care of yourself and regain your fitness.  Here is the list of natural remedies for recovering your sound health.

  • Take 30 drops of lemon juice with one teaspoonful of honey and half spoon of turmeric powder in a tumbler of hot water, morning and evening. It helps you strengthen your lungs.
  • Get two big Elachi (cardamom), crush them, and mix with honey. Take it every night before you go to bed. It gives you an excellent result for your heart problem.
  • Continue to drink Kadah of Giloy (Tinospora Cordifolia), Tulsi (Holy Basil) leaves, black pepper, and ginger for at least twenty days during the post-Covid phase. “It is the best medicine for any variant of COVID 19,” said Kabiraj Baidya Nath Paul.
  • Take a pinch of Baidyanath Sitopladi powder with honey at least once a day to control your cough.
  • Consume one full spoon of Chyawanprash with hot water.
  • Take vapor twice a day.
  • Take a sunbath every day.
  •      Patients having poor economic conditions can also be able to afford the above natural remedies.


the doctor’s advice is as important as your health as it is your recuperation phase. So you should have a balanced diet.  Take much leafy vegetables and fruits during post- Covid recovery phase.

     Summary:  COVID -19 variants infect rich and poor alike. To protect themselves, people are adopting Yoga for better immunity and mental health.  Given circumstances, the above remedies are the list for the best use of the patient. Yoga and Natural remedies for post-Covid recovery patients contribute to physical and mental well-being without any side effects. These remedies are cheaper and available even in remote villages. You can make use of the application by yourself.

Frequent Asked Question:

How long do COVID 19 complications last in a Covid patient?

     Ans: Doctors have not yet been able to predict the duration of post-Covid complications.  Medical science assumes that it may last up to 6 weeks to 6 months relying upon the severity of Covid, Age, and health of the patients. Anyway, you have to be cautious at least six months after recovery from the Covid.

How can I recover from fatigue, headache, and breathing problem during the post-Covid recovery Phase?

    Ans: If you comply with the Asanas, Pranayam, Meditation, and natural remedies as listed above, you recover from fatigue, headache, and respiration problem. However, you must seek guidance from your health care doctors from time to time.

Is it necessary to take antibody taste after having COVID- 19?

Ans:  In this connection, you should seek advice from your health care provider as antibody taste is a blood taste that needs a technician to collect your blood sample. The blood samples go through a scientific study to diagnose COVID-19 antibody. It is better to consult your doctor.



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