The Top Yoga Exercises for Kids in Summer

 The Kids are the beat of your heart and might of your soul. So, you have to grow your kids with a healthy lifestyle. Biologically, the glandular structures grow naturally until the age of 12 years in kids.   Yoga exercises help the glandular system develop naturally.  So the parents need to focus on yoga exercises for Kids instead of Yoga Asana. The parents can encourage their children to practice Asana after the age of 12 years.

Why should the kids practice Yoga exercises at an early age?

US survey 2012 says that 3 percent of children in the US do yoga. More schools are including yoga courses, and usually, in the future, the number of kid’s participants will increase significantly. With the introduction of yoga courses into physical subjects, the popularity of yoga will rise among youngsters.

The yoga study has discovered that Yoga exercises improve your physical health, balance, energy, tolerance, and physical fitness. Yoga exercises give psychological benefits as well among kids. It improves your memory power, reduces fluctuation, and relives your mind from worries, anxieties, tension, stress, and reaction. Yoga exercises help the kid lead the peace of life.  It also helps the kids reduce hyperactivity and impulsivity in kids.  In the end, your kids become yoga-friendly in your life.

Yoga Exercises Incorporate a Healthy Lifestyle in Kids.

 The children’s life spins between school activities and home works. They find a little time for free play.   I have compiled some kid-friendly yoga exercises for your little one. You can make your kid practice the yoga exercises regularly at an early age and enable the kid to incorporate Yoga exercises into their healthy lifestyle.

1 Tree Pose:

  • stand straight and lift your hands above your head, away from your ears.
  • Keep the arms straight above your head.
  • Grasp the breath in for 8 seconds.
  • Come back to the previous position.
  • Keep your shoulder down.
  • Repeat it eight times.

  Benefits:  It strengthens your legs and helps you build better balance. 

 It is one of the best yoga exercises in summer.

2. Standing Butterfly Yoga Exercises:

 Step I:

  • Stand straight and take your left leg behind the right leg and raise your arms.
  • Let the kid get back to the previous position.
  • Again shoot the kid’s right leg behind the left leg and raise your arms.
  • Come back to the previous position.
  • Repeat it a minimum of 10 times.

Step II:

  • Stand straight with equal bodyweight on feet.
  • Stretch your arms –width apart
  • Strike your arms two times.
  • Raise your arms straight above your head and clap two times.
  • Repeat it for5 times.

Benefits: It strengthens your feet, arms, and shoulders. It makes your body flexible; it relieves you from tension and stress. It relieves from arm sprains.

# 3. The Exercises of the Plexus ( Kousiki):

It is the best Yoga exercise for children.

How to start it:

The dance has eighteen steps.  Kids perform it rhythmically.

  • Stand straight and raise your hands together.
  • Lift your hands over your head.
  • The dancers (kids) begin their steps to the beat of Dhin, Dhin Ta Ta and
  • Step your left toes position behind the right leg heel. Vice versa with right toes behind the left heel.
  • Bend the upper part of the body to the left three times and two times while coming up.
  • Bend to the right-hand side three times and two times when you rise up
  • Bend to the front two times and touch the ground. Bend one time when you rise.
  • Bend to the back two times and one time when you come back.
  • In the final two-step, you stamp your feet on the ground.

      It is one round. You can repeat it at least eight rounds.

Benefits of Koushiki dance in kids:

  • It provides glow and charm to the face and skin;
  • It makes the kid agile;
  • It removes kid’s monotony;
  • It makes kids’ minds very active, sharp, and intelligent.
  • It makes a kid’s body flexible.
  • It helps kids cure insomnia.
  • It helps your kid overcome fear complex and hopelessness.
  • It protects kids from the gallbladder, Kidney, gastric acidity, obesity, and liver illness.
  • It unfolds a kid’s inner expression and latent potentialities.
  • It helps the kid build arms and leg strength and increases hips flexibility.
  • It removes arthritis of the neck, spine, waist, and joints in kids
  • It cures kid’s nervous debility.
  • It develops kid’s level of concentration.

# 4.  Shavasana

 The exercises and physical activities slightly increase kids’ body temperature. So after the yoga exercises, the kids need to lie down in Shavasana on the ground for two minutes in rest. The kid will remain motionless and relaxed in position during Shavasana.

Benefits: It makes kids feel better, healthier, stronger, and refreshing.

# 5 Meditation of Yoga Exercises:

Meditation is an accurate technique for resting the mind and attaining a state of consciousness.

The kids need to practice it right from the age of five.

How to do meditation:

  • Sit in a clean and lonely place.
  • let your kid sit in Lotus posture
  • Close the kid’s eyes
  • Let the child feel that happiness surrounds him.
  • Focus your mind between the two eyebrows.
  • Imagine in mind a light point and concentrate on it.
  • Inhale and exhale in deep through your nostril
  • Remain in this state for 5 minutes.
  • Open your eyes slowly.

 Kids should massage the face with both the palm slightly after the meditation.

Benefits of Yoga Meditation in kids:

  • Reduces stress.
  • Overcome anxiety, tension, frustration, and reaction
  • Develop positive outlook in kids
  • Enhance greater understanding of the self.
  • Helps the kid increase the strength and period of endurances
  • Improves memory power and protects from loss of memory.
  • Generates kindness in kids.
  • Protects the kids from addiction.
  • Improve kid’s sleep.
  • Controls blood pressure.
  • Makes the kids remain the peace of mind.
  • Help the kids manage the fluctuation of the mind.

 Kids ought to practice yoga exercises early in the morning or in the evening during summer. Minimize the non-vegetarian food all through the summer season. Consume lemon water with a pinch of salt and keep away from excessive fatty food as it increases strain on kid’s heart and liver. Parents can offer an Indian hodgepodge ( Khichri) diet to their kids with buttermilk in lunch during summer.   Khichri is very nutritious and easily digestible.

Just after the yoga exercises, you should not directly come in contact with water for 10 minutes.

  In conclusion:

 Yoga exercises for kids or kids yoga practice help the kids develop their body and mind and contribute health benefits in kids. If you dream up your kid to make history, then teach him to follow the health guidelines.    I have compiled and introduced the five best yoga exercises this summertime. Regular practice of kid’s yoga exercises will enhance health benefits and fitness for your little one. Yoga exercises are natural techniques to maintain the kids’ body healthy and mind strong.

Frequent Ask Question:

Question 1: what are the benefits of Yoga exercises for kids?

Ans: The Yoga exercises are exceedingly beneficial for the children. These exercises not only make kids active but also enable the child to deal with complex emotions. The meditative part of yoga exercises develops clarity of thought and discriminating power in kids. It improves the memory power of kids. Physical yoga exercises help the glandular system of kids grow naturally.

Question 2. What benefits do kids’ yoga exercises bring if we introduce them in kid’s schools?

Ans: Yoga exercises will benefit a lot to the school-going children in schools. Yoga exercises teach the school children how we concentrate our mind. It helps the kids pay more attention in study. It also develops natural discipline in kids. Yoga exercises and meditation improve memory power and make the mind pointed. Thus, kids gain a lot with fewer hours of study, and Kid’s mind turns out to be very sharp and creative.

Question 3. Why should my child perform yoga mediation?

Ans: You live in a world today that travels a million miles in a second.  Our children can get swept into such a chaotic situation.   And the parents wish to build their children’s career nicely. Even drunkards and criminals do not want to see their kids spoiled.

The breath is our source of life, and it connects with every part of your body. The meditation generates a positive feeling and energy in the breath that transmits its positivity in every atom and molecular system of a kid’s body. With yoga meditation, your kids develop a positive outlook and a balanced life. The kids get total control over his mind with yoga meditation.

Question 4.  Are yoga exercises a part of religion? Does the yoga exercise intervene with my kid’s religious belief?

Ans:  Yoga exercises do not belong to any religion.   These exercises make your life nature-friendly.  It existed in ancient India before the birth of any religion. The spiritual seeker used to practice in the forest to adapt to the situation of nature.  Yoga exercises and meditation help your kid to have control over-breathing. Yoga exercises also create a sense of calmness and lead the children stress-free in the classroom.  Your kids develop an excellent grasp of subjects during class. Regular yoga exercises develop immune power in the kid’s body.

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